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Slung Low Shorts, The Hub, Leeds

16-22 July 2018

Commissioned to write a short play for Slung Low Shorts 2018


"In Cricket, written by Matt Owen and directed by The Yorkshire Post’s own Yvette Huddleston, the glorious awkwardness of a first date is played out against the backdrop of a Headingley Test, and both Matthew Connell and Sarah Naughton put in beautifully understated performances as Bob and Janet."

"Matt Owen’s Cricket was a charming and very funny take on a first date and had the audience in stitches. With familiar sounding tales of office romances and embarrassing Christmas parties born out by witty one liners and cracking performances, it had me shouting ‘balls to the Beefeater!’ in my head on the bus home."


Matt, Yvette Huddleston (Director), Matthew Connell (Bob), Sarah Naughton (Janet)

Al Murray The Pub Landlord
Al Murray
Let's Re-Great Britain

April 2015

Co-writer with Al Murray, Matt Forde and Andy Zaltzman

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